Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Video Blast From the Past - Lance Armstrong

I loved this clip the first time I saw it several years ago and just stumbled upon again. Watch Lance Armstrong cyclocross during stage 9 of the 2003 Tour and then remount. He was not DQ'd for this maneuver which actually placed him in a better position. Talk about making lemons out of lemonade.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Mini-Bike Winter IV - Promo

PORTLAND, Ore. - Reverend Phil hosts this short promotional piece which shows the anticipation, training, and a just a taste of what is to come at the fourth Mini-Bike Winter. MBW is an Olympic style festival of fun and freaks in Portland, Oregon. For more information go to or the MBW forum.

QuickTime/iPod Version

Feel free to link, embed, or podcast to this promotional video. Sharing options are available at this link OR

contact CrankMyChain! Cycle TV.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project Pedal - A Vlog and Documentary

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA- Here is a promising video blog/documentary film project from Michael Ambs. It's tentatively titled 'Pedal'. The story, footage, and music so far are very captivating. It's certain to be very successful and inspiring.

This movie and bicycle trek will,
bookend with the Pacific and Atlantic oceans... anchored to a small group's cross country trip and focusing on the inspiring people that cross their path.

Each week a vlog will be posted that will share stories from these people met along the way - as well as the main cast and the occasional behind-the-scenes footage. In the end, the bi-product of these vlogs will be used for a feature length documentary.

The end-goal of this project, both in it's vlog and documentary form, is to share people's reasons and motivations behind their trip. Most importantly to share what makes or drives a person to leave everything behind and to understand what they each take away from this overwhelming and painful journey.

Episode Two - Logistics

Quoted from

The large majority of questions "slash" concerns dealt with PEDAL's exact process, and in relation to this; the exact results. 1) Who are we following? 2) Who are we interviewing? 3) Are we driving, or also riding bicycles? 4) How long will this take?

Find out more at and

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cross Crusade Videos - The 2006 Collection

I have put all the CrankMyChain XC'06 videos in one place for easy reverence. River City Bicycle's CrossCrusade is the worlds largest Cylocross series and quite a specticle. The events and music videos are posted below in reverse order of production.
I've got to a lot to learn about shooting, editing, and scoring but I feel that I really grew as I shot these videos this season. More importantly I had a blast. Cyclocross rocks and it's a sport just built for the Pacific Nortwest.

Thanks go to River City Bicycles for sponsoring the video coverage.

If you like these videos, I can tell you they're easily 10 times better on DVD. Soon
I will make them avail on web in Hi Def, as well. Enjoy all the races and support CrankMyChain! Cycle TV by purchasing the video here.
Buy the Cross Crusade 2006 DVD Here


QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

BARTON PARK (Music Video)
QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

QuickTime/iPod Download

All cyclocross videos on CrankMyChain! Cycle TV

Buy the Cross Crusade 2006 DVD Here

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trampe the Bicycle Lift

TRONDHEIM, Norway - Here is an innovative way to cope with hills that could be very useful in a city like Portland. It's probably a tad bit cheaper than a tram.

Excerpt from

Hilly cities normally have a low share of cycling. How come that Trondheim, the third largest city of Norway, has the highest share of cycling compared to all the other Norwegian cities? We believe there are there reasons: 1. Trondheim is a university city with 30 000 students, 90% of whom using their bicycles as their main transport tool
2. During the last 20 years, there has been invested more than 20 mill NOK in a bicycle roads network and bicycle transport infrastructure in Trondheim
3. One of the most important infrastructure elements is the bicycle lift Trampe. Since the opening in 1993, it's pushed more than 220 000 cyclist up the very steep hill BBrubakken in the historical heritage part of the city center

There is no doubt that Trampe has inspired students as well as other people living in Trondheim to take to their bicycles. In a user survey, 41% of the lift users claim they're using the bicycle more often due to the installation of Trampe.

Here is another view of the lift from KyleLC at YouTube.


Monday, January 22, 2007


CORUÑA, SPAIN - Enjoy this musical slide show of a Spanish Critical Mass. Music is "Revolucion" by AMARAL,the song speaks of an anonymous revolution and secret books ("calmar el tráfico"). Words that go well with the photos.

A Coruña
is a galician city in the northwest of Iberian peninsula. There has been an active and growing critical mass since October 2005. This video summarizes one year of their activities.

Critical Mass is has become a world wide phenomenon. Just follow this search at YouTube to see the variety of places, tactics, and issues behind the event.

CM has an anarchist heart and it's flavor can't be generalized from place to place. However, I think one can safely say that CM is a demand made by cyclists to take back their share of the streets. This "presumptuous" and disruptive demand... the arrests, altercations, and inconvenience to motorists is what creates the controversy behind critical mass.

Is it a good tactic? I believe it's an important tool for cycling advocates especially in the initial stages of bringing community awareness to bicycle issues. Controversy gets media coverage and can start enlightening conversation. On the other hand it can be divisive. For example, I know of two motorists who had their cars damaged during critical mass (one car was kicked and the other keyed). I don't see how this this type of destructive action helps the cause.

My view is passive resistance is the best response. Attacking automobiles is not going win sympathies and it may even put more cyclists at risk. When you carry out an act of civil disobedience you must be prepared to be injured or arrested for your cause. Even though self defense or violent reaction may be justified you can't control the spin that action unleashes. It's better to take your lumps and win sympathies.

One day we will reach a true critical mass where motor vehicles are no longer the suffocating rulers of our transportation system and pedestrians and cyclists will safely travel anywhere. The sooner we get there the better.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reverend Phil Trial Postponed Again

Update and NBR RerunMBW Training in the Snow

Phil and Carl Train for MiniBike Winter '07. Thank you Shawn for the pic

Portland, Ore. - If you have been following the Reverend Phil naked bike ride trial here here is the latest.

Snowy conditions prevented new jurors from being called to Multnomah County Circuit Court today. Reverend Phil and his attorney, Stu Sugarman, still had to appear today. On Feburary 9th they will ask for a new court date. They will request March date, which works well for their various witnesses.

Here is a video from warmer, happier times at last years World Naked Bike Ride.

Music and Video by Dan and Kirsten Kaufman

iPod version


Monday, January 15, 2007

Bicycle Mariachi aka Bikerachi

Austin, TX - Bikerachi is a musical riot of pedicabs, musicians, and revelers that bar hop across the city. What started out as a birthday party for Alan Burrows is yet another musical event that helps "Keep Austin Weird". Read more and watch higher quality video at Austin 360

Video is by Jorge Sanjueza-Lyon of the Austin American-Statesman. Photo by Kelly West

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New Delhi Cycle Rickshaw Ride

Here is great slice-of-life video from
New Delhi, India-
A typical ride from Central Market to Laj Pat Nagar on a bicycle rickshaw. This rickshaw walla made 5 ruppees for this 10 minute jaunt. Currently about 10 cents. Rickshaw drivers in India make their living by transporting people and goods in the cities and towns. Although there are now motorized rickshaw scooters, most of the major cities still have hundreds of men who make their living by operating cycle rickshaws. Many of the men who are employed as rickshaw drivers have recently migrated to the cities leaving their families behind in the villages in order to tend their fields. They may not return to their villages for months at a time. Consequently, at many locations in any Indian city you can observe enclaves of rickshaw drivers who live, eat and sleep next to the roadside. Rickshaws which are operated by the driver running on foot and pulling the rickshaw behind him were outlawed by the government, with the exception of Calcutta, where the union of rickshaw drivers refused to accept the legislation. View more photos and videos at

Also check out the Bike Earth photo collection.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

BicycleXC - New Blog, New Videos

Here is a fixed gear ride, the latest from bike blog turned vlog: BicycleXC. It's run by Thomas Mackay who works for Family Bike Shop, and is a student in Crofton, MD. His goal for the site is to promote and report on cycling in his community. I, of course, am glad to see he has decided to use video and am looking forward to more.

At speeds up to 35 mph Mackay used a hand held Sony Cybershot which is a digital still camera with a video option.
Music is by Beck. (If you are Beck fan be sure to check out his latest. It comes with really cool stickers and DVD with fun videos).

Here is Mackay's text from BXC:

While Jim, Old Man Jon, Tom, Jonathan and Dave ride for the glory- Trevor seems to have plenty of luck with his new wheelset-all of it being bad. "Why am I having such a hard time this morning?!"

Big thanks to Crank My Chain for tons of advice. Awesome ride- Awesome folks- Awesome Morning.

Yea Trevor! Ryan fixed it up now, maybe it wont throw anymore.

My favorate part is when Dave's bike is focused in on- Beck sings "forces of evil in a bozo nightmare", could he be talking about the derailleur?

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vancouver Bike Love

A slice of Vancouver Bikey Fun. Vancouver, Canada! OY, OY! Thank you Midnight Simon check out his blog, Midnight Mass.

I especially like the human powered merry-go-round.

Music by Tussle. The track is 'don't stop.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Amsterdam Canal Jump

I got a kick out of this video of a young dutchman jumping a canal on his bike. It ends in a cliff hanger, though. You can follow the links on the video and see the conclusion(s) or you can watch my hacked quicktime version below.

Are we not men?

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stunmobile BMX Videos

Here is a collection of tasty BMX Stunts from Jon Bechtold, Troy Merkle, Matt Skaggs, and the rest of the Season Bike Company crew. Unfortunatley, the enitre video is are broken into short clips. But, if you like bike stunts they're all worth a look.
1 of 5

2 of 5

3 of 5

4 of 5

5 of 5

Thanks for Watching!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Case for Physically Separated Bike Lanes

NEW YORK, NY- With permission from

In this outstanding Streetfilm from the NYC Streets Renaissance, New York City cyclists and planning experts make the case that the transportation designers need to do more than just paint lines on asphalt to promote cycling.

Like all of the world's best bike commuting cities, they argue that New York needs to design and build more and better physically-separated bike lanes.

If you are looking for an important livable streets issue to work on in 2007, this short video by Clarence Eckerson, Jr. of BikeTV is worth watching.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New CMC Sponsor: Preparation HH

Clarence Eckerson, Jr. of BikeTV showers with Preparation HH and so should YOU!