Saturday, January 13, 2007

BicycleXC - New Blog, New Videos

Here is a fixed gear ride, the latest from bike blog turned vlog: BicycleXC. It's run by Thomas Mackay who works for Family Bike Shop, and is a student in Crofton, MD. His goal for the site is to promote and report on cycling in his community. I, of course, am glad to see he has decided to use video and am looking forward to more.

At speeds up to 35 mph Mackay used a hand held Sony Cybershot which is a digital still camera with a video option.
Music is by Beck. (If you are Beck fan be sure to check out his latest. It comes with really cool stickers and DVD with fun videos).

Here is Mackay's text from BXC:

While Jim, Old Man Jon, Tom, Jonathan and Dave ride for the glory- Trevor seems to have plenty of luck with his new wheelset-all of it being bad. "Why am I having such a hard time this morning?!"

Big thanks to Crank My Chain for tons of advice. Awesome ride- Awesome folks- Awesome Morning.

Yea Trevor! Ryan fixed it up now, maybe it wont throw anymore.

My favorate part is when Dave's bike is focused in on- Beck sings "forces of evil in a bozo nightmare", could he be talking about the derailleur?

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