Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Bicyclist - Act 2: Good Day for a Ride

In episode two of "The Bicyclist" Conrad, takes a short bike ride into a new life in Portland. Applying for a new job can be confusing...if he can catch his breath long enough he may just figure out which way is up...with Steve.

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Anonymous said...

it just got going then it stopped...when will they be longer? love the show!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

Show is really cute! Conrad is very funny, little geeky, but very funny and cute

10:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

Show seems fun, when will it show up more frequently? It's great to see Portland scenery and Portland actors!
-bikers from Portland

5:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

It's so weird to watch "tv" on my internet! The webisode was great, seems to be of good quality writing and acting so far, keep up the good work. Love seeing our fair city and hopefully people will appreciate how great Portland is! R.W.

2:12 PM  
Anonymous said...

Keep it clean and we will definitely keep watching!!!! Love the show

3:48 PM  

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