Sunday, March 04, 2007

OHSU Tram Jack

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PORTLAND, Ore. - Before Oregon Health Sciences University wrapped up the last of it's free Tram rides in Feburary the Zoobombers decided to run Pill Hill once more. This time the the iPod was jacked into "Dead Letter" Ben's rolling sound system and the sound system jacked into the Tram. Some folks really liked it others were concerned. But the scene eddied and flowed like car wash water rolling on dry pavement until the final pool cascaded down through the west hills neighborhood and somehow found it's way back down through and under the freeways to the tram landing pad.

Anyone for a ride back up? This time you'll need to bring four greenbacks or, better yet, bring your credit card and invite the zoobombers.

Music: Callin' Out by Lyrics Born

Hi-Res iPod/MPEG4 Version

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