Monday, January 15, 2007

New Delhi Cycle Rickshaw Ride

Here is great slice-of-life video from
New Delhi, India-
A typical ride from Central Market to Laj Pat Nagar on a bicycle rickshaw. This rickshaw walla made 5 ruppees for this 10 minute jaunt. Currently about 10 cents. Rickshaw drivers in India make their living by transporting people and goods in the cities and towns. Although there are now motorized rickshaw scooters, most of the major cities still have hundreds of men who make their living by operating cycle rickshaws. Many of the men who are employed as rickshaw drivers have recently migrated to the cities leaving their families behind in the villages in order to tend their fields. They may not return to their villages for months at a time. Consequently, at many locations in any Indian city you can observe enclaves of rickshaw drivers who live, eat and sleep next to the roadside. Rickshaws which are operated by the driver running on foot and pulling the rickshaw behind him were outlawed by the government, with the exception of Calcutta, where the union of rickshaw drivers refused to accept the legislation. View more photos and videos at

Also check out the Bike Earth photo collection.

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