Saturday, July 22, 2006

Portland Police and Zoobombers - Rock Rebel Roll

Zoobomb is a weekly bike event in Portland. Zoobombers take the light rail to the Washington Park Zoo and "bomb" down through the Arlington Heights neighborhood on various types of bicycles - especially mini-bikes. Zoobombers also take on the daring descent of Hwy 26 (a freeway section where bicycles are allowed). After a bomber wiped-out on Hwy 26, aka Hellway, Portland Police felt the need to check up on these bicycling insurgents and here is some of the video they captured set to the Rebel's Original "Rock Rebel Rock".

Click here to watch higher resolution quicktime video!

OR watch You Tube Version below.

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Bridger said...

Thanks for the video, that was great. It makes me wonder if the cops were in an unmarked car; the bombers seem pretty oblivious to their presence.

Did the cops issue tickets or were they just scoping out the threat posed by the zoo bombers?

10:06 AM  
PDXK TV said...

As far as I know there were no citations and I don't believe the cops were undercover. I will do some asking around, though and find out.

2:24 PM  
Scoutie said...

Did the PPB make this tape available to the public? I found it awfully funny when the cop hit the gas and sped past other cars to catch up to Zoobombers.

I'd also be intersted to know whether they issued any citations that night, or if it was a strictly reconnaissance mission.

3:36 PM  
PDXK TV said...

Scoutie, I can't reveal my source ;) though I do believe that police videos become public record.

I love that part where he guns his CrownVic downhill on 26. If I were a cop - I'd probably do that all the time, too. So perhaps, it's a good thing I'm a cyclist and not a cop.

1:16 AM  
Scoutie said...

No, no, no, do not reveal your source, Sir! However, if there's anything we could do to get this onto an episode of COPS: Portland...

4:49 AM  
PDXK TV said...

Okay, so I got the scoop. There were not arrests, citations or injuies that night. Also, the police were not undercover. We suppose that we can expect a stronger police presence if there any more serious accidents involving zoobombers - especially on Hellway (HWY 26).

Now, the cops idea... it is in the works. More on that later.

12:35 PM  
Great Future said...

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8:10 PM  

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