Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project Pedal - A Vlog and Documentary

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA- Here is a promising video blog/documentary film project from Michael Ambs. It's tentatively titled 'Pedal'. The story, footage, and music so far are very captivating. It's certain to be very successful and inspiring.

This movie and bicycle trek will,
bookend with the Pacific and Atlantic oceans... anchored to a small group's cross country trip and focusing on the inspiring people that cross their path.

Each week a vlog will be posted that will share stories from these people met along the way - as well as the main cast and the occasional behind-the-scenes footage. In the end, the bi-product of these vlogs will be used for a feature length documentary.

The end-goal of this project, both in it's vlog and documentary form, is to share people's reasons and motivations behind their trip. Most importantly to share what makes or drives a person to leave everything behind and to understand what they each take away from this overwhelming and painful journey.

Episode Two - Logistics

Quoted from

The large majority of questions "slash" concerns dealt with PEDAL's exact process, and in relation to this; the exact results. 1) Who are we following? 2) Who are we interviewing? 3) Are we driving, or also riding bicycles? 4) How long will this take?

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