Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Zoobomber Injured in Sabotage

PORTLAND, Ore. – A revered Portland bicycle activist was injured Sunday while participating in the ZooBomb. The cyclist came upon the wreck of another Zoobomber and was forced to bail out on Fairview Blvd just below Canterbury lane. The wreck he was avoiding was reportedly caused by sabotage. Watch the interview and hear his reaction to the situation just hours after extensive bone surgery. For more infomation see Jonathon Maus' story at BikePortland.org.
*Click here to watch higher resolution QuickTime video*

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Kel said...

I'm horrified by this. Just horrified. And yeah, really, really angry. And worried for the Rev. And just sick at heart at how much this is going to cost--as another medically uninsured person? It's going to be staggering.

Please tell me there's a fundraiser for Phil in the works. I think it's the least this community can do, for the man who's given us all so much.

9:36 AM  
Little Package said...

I recognize that hospital room from Emanuel's TRACU. Bummer to find my ol' horseshoe throwing pal in its bed with a busted leg. Looks like he's got a nice Morphine machine going - push that button Phil! And dammit - wear a helmet!


11:37 AM  
PDXK TV said...

We passed the helmet tonight for Rev Phil to help with immediate expenses. Folks were very generous. When the time comes we should seriously discuss a fundraising event that will make lots of $ and be loads of fun.

10:01 PM  

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