Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bicycle Race - Music Video

Watch as Queen's Bicycle Race is set to a silent movie of Scouts on bikes.
The video was shot and edited by Tom Kiwizzarrd from Worcester England. Here is his story behind the video:
"The local scout group commissioned us to come up with something
for their annual show, using Queen's "Bicycle Race" as a backdrop.
After watching hours of footage of Scouts on bikes and not really
knowing what to do with it, I started messing around with the speed,
which triggered the idea of making a 'silent film'."
Watch the YouTube video below or go straight to Kiwizzarrd's channel at YouTube for more of his music videos or visit him at myspace/kiwizzarrd.


Scoutie said...

I was concerned for a moment when you said "scouts on bikes" that you had found secret footage of me attempting to ride up a hill!

That's a sweet little video. The only thing it's missing is the monster at the end, silently screaming, followed by the card which reads, "Arrrrrrggghhh!", a la the old Phantom of the Opera silent film.

5:35 AM  

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