Friday, August 04, 2006

TEAM CANADA and ZooBombers Go Shopping!

Enjoy Music by Show Me the Pink and the Lloyd Center in this a whole new way shop. Philmed and hosted by Reverend Phil as he rides along with our esteemed international guests, TEAM CANADA, and those crazy kids lovingly known as Zoobombers!
Thank you Rev Phil!
Thank you Show Me the Pink!
Thank you TEAM CANADA aka TEAM YVR, aye? - Hailing from the younger and more real VanCOUVer (not located in Washington State) & the Margaret Charles Chopper Collective aka mc3!
Thank you Zoobomers!

Watch higher quality Quicktime version

OR watch youtube video below

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WorldPipeline said...

check us out..we like what you are doing

6:13 PM  
butcher betty said...

& Thank you Team Canada!

11:39 PM  
PDXK TV said...

Yes - team Canada - How ignorant I was.

Here is the text from March Third's
While in town for the recent Mini-Bike Winter Olympics, several Canadians went for an impromptu ride through Lloyd Center Mall. Here’s an account from one of the riders:

“It was a pretty awesome experience. People were DOWNRIGHT OFFENDED that we were in the mall with our bikes, even though we were very respectful and didn’t bump into people or anything. We could see some people physicallly freezing up or wringing their hands. The mall is supposed to be SAFE. They’re not supposed to have to DEAL with these THINGS. They were nervous and pissed all in one and they wanted to lash out at us. A few people did. The security guards definitely did. We took the escalator, the elevator and some stairs. It was great.”

12:36 AM  
butcher betty said...

from my bike seat, i found that people were either too sleepy to notice us, or mildly amused. we didn't ride fast or recklessly. we were deft & alert, riding all cheeky & sleek, like clearwater salmon. public space for people. and fish.

thanks for mentioning team canada, dan. international solidarity is a force to be feckless with!

2:25 PM  

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