Monday, April 02, 2007

Trek Boss "Sees The Light" of Cycle Advocacy

Taipei, Taiwan - Video provided by QuickRelease.TV.
This may seem like a typically dry trade show presentation. To cycle advocates though, Trek President, John Burke's, 23-minute video-taped speech is industry shaking.

Burke's inspiring slide show (seen here at the Taipei International Cycle Show) earned him the title of the "Al Gore of the bike trade" from Jonathan Maus at He implores the bicycle industry to divert cash from marketing and R&D to help advocates and politicians create a 'bicycle friendly world' as a way to combat obesity, congestion, pollution and, of course, earn profits. Burke clearly shows how increased bicycle commuting has a direct impact on these issues and the bottom line of the cycling industry.

Many thanks go to Carlton Reid of for editing this video and adding graphs, photos and videos to the presentation.

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