Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Project Pedal #4 - This is it, Two months left...

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - This is the fourth in series from a documentary film project with the working title "Project Pedal". The filmmakers plan to follow a group of cyclists this summer as they trek across the nation. Click here for previous episodes.

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The idea of Project Pedal came about, thanks to Amanda, almost exactly four years ago - and for the last three years, I've been pouring myself into it with my fair share of difficulties along the way.

But thanks to the encouragement of close friends, family and the readers/viewers of this site - I've always picked myself up and kept trying when things dead-ended with Pedal.

I can't imagine where I would be without this site and without everything it has directly been instrumental in sending my way. My amazing crew, the Black Sheep... the professional advice and support of Matt... the much needed and much appreciated relationships with total strangers who've stumbled onto this site in there own ways.

I've learned so much in the last three years, and if I had any advice to pass on to people reading - it would be, whatever your passion or personal project may be, don't go it alone. Start a blog, and be as transparent and inclusive as possible.

I'm excited about these last two months and the two that will follow - I can't wait for the trip to come. I'm nervous. I'm excited. "Breath in pink, exhale blue". There's a lot of details to get into place - but... this is it, two months left. Here we go.

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