Thursday, September 14, 2006

KBOO Bike Show - Song Contest Entry

I'm not much for contests except when called to enter by great people like Ayleen Crotty with good shows like The Bike Show on important radio stations like KBOO(90.7 FM Portland).(link here for the contest story)

Here is the "thumbnail" version of my song entry. If I win, I'll re-orchestrate it and stretch it out.

I hope that you will like it :)

*Click here to watch higher resolution QuickTime Video*



midnightmass said...

Hey man - nothing to do with this particular post, but I just wanted to say that I dig how you are using new technology (easy access sites like blogger & embedded video content) to spread the bike love. There is a lot of unexplored power in new media - way to go!

3:14 PM  
PDXK TV said...

Wow! Huge compliment, thank you! That’s exactly what I am striving to do.


4:17 PM  
Seafarer said...

I showed your videos to my 5yo son and he loves your song. today he came running up to the house after school, screaming, "Bike Show, Bike Show, Go-Go-Go! Bike Revolution Radio!"

We hope you win the contest.

9:37 PM  
PDXK TV said...

Now, THAT warms my heart! Thank you for telling me.

PS I just posted a new song you and your son might like.

10:57 PM  
PDXK TV said...

UPDATE: I didn't win. But I like the song and I plan on using somehow someday. I'll keep you posted.

9:01 PM  

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