Thursday, December 07, 2006

HiWheel Bike Crash

Extreme Cycling 1887 Style
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Watch as the legendary Jack Castor wipes out while riding downhill with his legs over the handle bars of his HiWheel bike. Castor has riden accross the US on a HiWheel bike and prefers to ride even the steepest decesents with his legs over the handle bars. Here is his rationale as quoted from

"Coasting the hills with the legs over the bars serves a
couple of purposes. It takes energy to pedal down the hill,
even when not resisting the pedals. Trying to retard the
bike with the pedals can really put the legs to work. On
the other hand, hanging the legs over the bars allows the
rider to completely relax the legs. They get a nice rest,
and are ready to go vigorously again. I have twice coasted
nine miles, and once six miles, on an ordinary. I find that
coasting legs over is the most pleasurable thing I do on the

In this case it was not so pleasurable. It seems the rubber came off his front wheel but take a look for yourself.

If you'd like to find out more about HiWheel bikes and Jack Castor be sure to vist

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