Portland Police and Zoobombers Team Up for Music Video- “Rock Rebel Roll”
July 28, 2006
Portland, Ore. --- After a bomber wiped-out on Hwy 26, aka Hellway, Portland Police felt the need to check up on these bicycling insurgents and here is some of the video they captured.
Zoobomb is a
World Naked Bike Ride 2006
June 15, 2006
Portland, Ore. --- Hundreds of cyclists going as bare as they dared swarmed the streets of Portland June 10 for the largest naked bike ride in North America. As many as 500 nude or nearly nude
ZooBomb - HalloweenBomb 2005
June 14, 2006
Portland, Ore. -- Join Dan Kaufman as he straps a camera to his kid's bike and follows these cycling insurgents as they climb to the zoo and descend through the west hills.
Kaboom! Live from Trojan
May 21, 2006
Rainier, Ore. -- A quiet Sunday morning along the Columbia River created a picturesque backdrop for a the thunderous collapse of the Trojan Nuclear Plant cooling tower. Strategically placed dynamite
PDXK's Second Ad
April 26, 2006
Our Second ad. It was set on top of a video ipod on our main page.
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